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Publisher Account Set Up Service

Draft2Digital is a platform that you can use to make your books available to all major book retailers and outlets. This is the simplest and easiest way to get your work published and available to the world.

With my Publisher Account Set Up Service I will format and upload your book, which will publish it to all major book retailers and available for order from libraries and bookstores.

If you have your manuscript ready, a cover created, and a book description written, then you can have your book published with your own account where you get all royalties and all control for $250.

  • Your Word document formatted for print and ebook

  • Your cover formatted for print

  • Your book set up to be sold through all major online retailers and available to bookstores and libraries (extra steps are required for Amazon distribution, so that will be explained!)

  • A video guide to how to use your self-publisher account on Draft2Digital to set up and receive your royalty payments.

  • The universal link to your book where your friends, relatives, and clients can order it

  • TIMELINE: one week from the time you submit your application and payment!

Or learn to do it yourself for $25 with this mini-course (coming soon)

Choosing Carolyn is the best decision I have ever made. She has a magical way of bringing everything together and I could never have created by website without her expertise.

-Candice Marand

Carolyn is the real deal! As a long-term entrepreneur, it's rare that you meet people who know exactly what you need, exactly how to do it, and exactly how to hold it right into your ongoing business without ever skipping a beat. Carolyn does exactly that.

Hands down, she builds the most professional, thorough, and intentional path to creating your impact.

-Jodee Gibson

I am very grateful for you. Thank you for all of your help and direction. All your little thoughts are just so smart. I just can't even tell you how helpful it's been, so thank you so much for everything. I am just feeling very very grategul for having you in my corner.

-Clara Capano

Mini Courses

Each mini course includes:

  • A short video tutorial (less than thirty minutes, often much less)

  • A template or worksheet

  • A list of additional resources

Carolyn Choate is the odd writer who fell in love with marketing.

She loves to help authors, coaches, and other online entrepreneurs see marketing in a new light. Marketing yourself is a gift that you give your audience.

She has published several romance novels under a pen name and built sales funnels for a wide variety of heart-led entrepreneurs. She has seen first hand how self-publishing can give you control over your author career and your income.


Live interviews with experts in publishing, writing, mindset, business, and so much more!

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So helpful. Thank you for all you did to make this great.

-Colleen Avis

Carolyn solved the problem I had been stuck on for over a year - thank you! - and I downloaded my leads from Acuity and put them into Close.com


Carolyn and I met and she blew me away with her understanding of what I have been trying to do with my K!ck*ss Women.

-Erin Lubien

This is sooooooo good! I want to sign up for it myself!

-Jamie Sea

The VIP Day was exactly what I needed. Building a sales funnel takes a lot of time, energy, and effort. And Carolyn made the process seamless.

If you are an author and want to take your book to the next level, contact Carolyn!

-Jodi Brandstetter

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