Build Your Unique

Website Traffic Strategy

A well-rounded website traffic plan includes strategies in each of four pillars:

  • Organic Inbound (like SEO and social media)

  • Organic Outbound (like selling in the DMs)

  • Paid (like boosted posts and ads)

  • Borrowed (like collaboration and podcast guesting)

Each quarter in Traffic School we focus on one of these pillars, break it down into easy steps, and build out your killer traffic strategy.

Two week free trial and then $50/mo after that.

Includes: spreadsheets, templates, instructions, accountability threads, hot seat coaching, guest experts, challenges, and more.

If you build still need to bring people to it

Is there a lack of action on your website?

Many online entrepreneurs struggle with getting enough people to their website (and then when people do come, they disappear without so much as a hello!)

If you have a website ready to collect leads, you need a traffic strategy. The best strategy is spread out among the four main types, but most of us are only utilizing one...the one that's in our comfort zone.

Traffic School is about helping you add in the other aspects of traffic so that your strategy is well-rounded and optimized to get you the results you want.

And if you DON'T yet have a website ready to collect leads, you can check out my
done-for-you Funnel By Friday service that starts with a funnel mapping strategy session!

It might look overwhelming,

but at Traffic School we believe in reducing overwhelm

And so you will only ever be working on one type of traffic at a time. Whenever you join, you jump in with the month we are currently working on and go forward from there. There's nothing to catch up on. And if you fall behind, just restart wherever we are.

Over the course of a year you will try out every type of website traffic there is and you'll have a spreadsheet tracking your results so you'll know the very best traffic strategies for you and your audience!


Organic Inbound

January: Social Media

February: Content Marketing

March: Pinterest


Partnership (borrowed)

April: Networking

May: Podcast Guesting

June: Your affiliate program


Organic Outbound

July: Cold Outreach

August: Follow Up

September : Selling in the DMs



October: Social Media Ads

November: YT & Google Ads

December : Other paid

  • Guest expert sessions

  • Implementation workshops

  • Spreadsheets

  • Templates

  • Canva graphics

  • Weekly accountability challenges

  • Community

  • Weekly Office Hours

During Office Hours you'll have a chance to update your weekly tracking spreadsheet so you can keep track of your numbers and see which traffic methods are working best for you! You'll also get help in setting up Google Analytics on your website