Recommended Software

There are a LOT of products out there for your digital marketing and I've used almost all of them.

Here are the products I recommend that have the most function for the best cost!


All-In-One Platform: Idea Lab Growth Tools

These are SaaS software tools that combine a lot of functions in one place so you don't have to pay for a lot of different tools and everything communicates well.

Typically they include webpages, email marketing system, calendar booking, and course platforms.

A few you may have seen are Kartra, Kajabi, Go High Level, New Zenler, Hubspot, and even Squarespace is getting in on it.

The one I recommend is called Growth Tools for Idea Lab. This product is sold by a friend and collegue of mine, Suzanne Taylor-King. It is based on a GHL foundation and includes:

  • Webpages

  • Funnels

  • Email System

  • Pipeline to track opportunities

  • Social Media Scheduler

  • Calendar Booking

  • Course Platform

And it's only $49/mo or $997 for lifetime access. Most of these platforms are a minimum of $99/mo and go up as you get more leads. This is the best deal out there in my opinion.

If you purchase Growth Tools you'll see an option to add on having me set it up for you

And if you are an author, I have created an author website template to go along with Growth Tools!


Just Email

If you need an email marketing system you may be led to believe that Mailchimp is a good starter one, but I recently did some reasearch and discovered that Mailchimp has been taking away functions and raising prices, making it one of the worst choices now.

I examined eight email platforms in this blog post and the winner was MailerLite.

Here is a video of how to set up a MailerLite account and start your email list!