I love funnels. I love designing them and I love creating them.

My background in writing helps me create strong marketing copy, and I have an intuitive understanding of the best path to build your funnel into.

When you have a funnel built into your website you always know what link to promote, where to send people who ask about your business, and you can be confident that your website has your back and is ready to build relationships with anyone who comes along like a partner who never sleeps!

The Funnel By Friday service includes:

  • Funnel strategy design

  • Webpage design for opt-in and thank you pages

  • All the copy written

  • Email sequence written (3-4 emails)

  • Graphics created

  • Everything connected so it all communicates smoothly

Behind The Scenes Of A Book Funnel Build

As much as I enjoy the rush of building funnels in a single day, I'm now doing it in one week with Funnel By Friday. That allows more time for feedback and tweaks!

But many of the funnels and pages you'll see here were created in one day.

Examples Of A Few Of The Webpages I've Worked On...

I designed the home page and the opt-in for a free meditation with email sequence https://www.candicemofficial.com/home

I updated the copy for a stronger hook and did some design https://vidwheel.com/

I created a full book funnel in one day, wrote the hook and the other copy and did the design. Email sequence also. https://subtle-shifts.com/sacred-spaces-free-chapter/

I did not do the design but I wrote a stronger hook https://graceingagefully.com/

Created a book funnel to support this non-profit including designing the thank you page and writing the email sequence https://www.ivatcenters.org/stop-the-silence

I've done all the design work on www.claracapano.com

Designed closely with the client www.madhurimichele.com

Updated sales page

Designed a funnel for HeyTaxi and this is the final thank you page

Created a design and planned out a funnel

Designed an opt-in

Designed a home page

Sometimes people want the Clickfunnel look!

Designed website (it's no longer active)

A Sales Page Makeover - Before and After

What My Clients Say...

Examples of some of my graphic work